Who are we?

UCL Rover is a 22-person team of Engineering, Computer Science and Natural Sciences students from University College London. This video is by the Mars Rover Division of UCL Rover, who competed in the European Rover Challenge in Starachowice, Poland.

We look back fondly over the past year and the journey that the team and its partners have been on.

Our Mission

The UCL Rover Team aims to design, build, and test a Mars Rover to compete at the European Rover Challenge in Poland in September 2018. As the first group UCL will put forward to this competition, we also want to encourage new students to get involved and carry on the project in future years.

Founded in 2017, the UCL Rover Team consists of 1st, 2nd, and 4th year Engineering students. We are working tirelessly on this exciting project, with the aim of having a fully functioning rover to compete with the best at Rover Competitions such as the University Rover Challenge (URC) and the European Rover Challenge (ERC).