Accugroup supports ucl rover

AccuGroup, a UK-based specialists in the development of precision engineering components, today announced that they will be a team sponsor for University College London in the European Rover Challenge 2018.


European Rover Challenge is one of the largest international space and robotics events in the world, organised by the European Space Foundation and sponsored by some of the leading names in the European space sector. The fourth edition of European Rover Challenge has attracted 65 teams from across 20 European and non-European countries - The University College London team will be competing against teams from Germany, India, Canada, United States, Poland, Norway, and Mexico. 

Special guests have previously included:

  • Dr Harrison Schmidt - Apollo 17 crew member, the last man to have walked on the Moon.
  • Dr Robert Zubrin – Founder and president of the Mars Society
  • Dr Gianfranco Visentin – Head of the Automation and Robotics Group at the European Space Agency

AccuGroup will be pledging a range of precision components for the creation of UCL’s prototype Mars rover, designed to compete in a series of challenges in the simulated conditions of a harsh Martian landscape.

For further details please contact:

Dominic Scaife
Marketing Manager
+44 (0) 1484 937010