mcguiver SPACE

McGuiver Space is an organisation founded by students at University College London to develop space projects as part of the engineering faculty. The group consists of three divisions: UCL Mars Rover, UCL Rocket and the UCL Lunar Rover. Last year was a successful year for the Mars Rover team, taking their design from concept to competition, with the Lunar Rover team also competing at the UKSEDS. This year marks the start of a brand new project with UCL Rocket.

UCL Rover

UCL Rocket

Lunar Rover


McGuiver Space aims to create a platform at UCL for undergraduate students to get actively involved with the space industry. Founded in 2017, the team consists of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Engineering students from multiple disciplines across the engineering faculty. We work tirelessly on exciting projects, with the aim of competing in international competitions.

2017/18 Summary Video